Version 3 Rev 2: December 2004

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  • SlideShow v 3: This template demonstrates the most recent version of our annotated sequential slideshow (SlideShow v 3). In addition to the standard image swap utitlity, the slideshow's core swap method now includes an integrated, optional DOM enabled dynamic label function.

    Note that while the label function will fail in non-DOM enabled browsers, it will do so gracefully and the image swap portion of the script will continue to function in most browsers

    The template can be configured to run a new slideshow from a simple image list in a matter of minutes, and anyone conversant in basic HTML can add or edit non-dynamic elements in the template as well as restyle the overall look of the page.

    Because there is always another way to do it, two additional versions of the slidshow can be found here: Slideshow2.html (image only) and here: Slideshow1.html (cross browser)




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