SophiaKnow Extensions

SophiaKnows extensions are JavaScript (ECMAScript) enabled utiltilities adding discrete functionality to your browser or website.

Searchlite v 0.1.1: Adds coded highlighting to instances of search terms found in a page accessed via commercial search engines and local site search utilities.

LiveAuthorities v 0.1: Replaces inline legal text citations to federal legal authorities with live hyperlinks to the cited case, statute or regulation.

Typedown v 0.1.2: Adds automated typedown search capability to inline html select menus containing an extended options list.

More About Extensions

SophiaKnows extensions are available in three versions: (1) Greasemonkey User Scripts; (2) Cross-Browser Bookmarklets; and (3) Stand Alone Site Extensions.

User Scripts and Bookmarklets add functionality to your browser. Site Extensions add similar useful behaviors to your website and site pages.

User Scripts require Firefox 1.0 and the Greasemonkey 0.3.3 extension. They may or may not be compatible with similar MSIE extensions (e.g. Turnabout), but certainly have not been debugged in that configuration.

In general, as result of space limitations and context, Bookmarklets provide a subset of the features included in the User Script and Stand Alone Extensions ports. However, Bookmarklets are also often the most convenient and flexible means of exploiting core extension features.





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