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Searchlite v 0.1.1 DHTML
Revised: June 2005

Searchlite 0.1.1 Site Extension


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The Searchlite 0.1.1 Site Extension allows developers to add dynamic keyword highlighting functionality to pages on their own site in order to assist their visitors in locating information originally flagged by a remote or local search engine.

The Searchlite Site Extension is compatible with most major commercial search engines (including Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL) and can be configured to work with virtually any search utility.

In addition, the Searchlite Site Extension can be specifically configured to work hand-in-glove with a custom Google™ searchbox on your site or homepage (see, below for details).

Or, select here: Searchlite v 0.1.1 to learn more about Searchlite's features and technical details.


Searchlite 0.1.1 Site Extension is compatible with NN6+, MSIE 5+ as well as all builds of Firefox, Mozilla, Camino and Apple's Safari.

Basic Installation:

The Searchlite 0.1.1 Site Extension can be added to your site pages in one of three ways:

  1. Stand-alone JS File: Searchlite can be accessed from a stand-alone source file by: (A) placing this file: searchlite.js in a directory within the target site structure; and (B) adding the following code to the head of all pages you want to have Searchlite enabled:
    <script src=path/searchlite.js> </script>
    Note that path should of course be replaced with the actual relative path to the file

  2. Addition to Exisiting global.js file: Searchlite functionality can be added, without risk of conflict to an existing global javascript file by pasting the contents of this file: searchlite.js into the existing global source document.

  3. Inline Page Script: Searchlite can be added to pages ad hoc by pasting the contents of the source file into the head of individual files between a set of html <script></script> tags

Advanced Configuration:

The Searchlite 0.1.1 Site Extension includes several useful custom configuration options including: adding and deleting search engines; as well as integrating Searchlite with a custom Google searchbox.

  1. Adding/Deleting Search Engines

  2. Integrating w/ Google Searchbox


  1. JavaScript Conflicts: Searchlite v 0.1.1 User Scripts may interfere with local JavaScripts that include one or more of the searched terms in their source code. Although Searchlite will function normally, its DHTML components may partially overwrite, and thereby disable, local scripts.
  2. Page Latency: Because Searchlite v 0.1.1 must wait for the page to fully load, user scripts may exhibit latency when confronted with pages that include verbose HTML markup and/or broken pathnames to embeded objects (images, stylesheets, scripts ...)





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