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Floating the Middle Delaware, May 2003

Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike, May-Nov 2002

Phillips Brook Backcountry Recreation Area, Winter 2002

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Fall 2001

Chincoteague Bay Canoe Trail, Fall 2000

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GoLite Breeze®: Ultra-light Rucksack

REI Travel Sack®: Synthetic sleeping bag for summer weather and fixed camps

Feathered Friends Swallow®: High performance down backpacking sleeping bag

Trangia T-28® Backpacking Stove: Ultra-light Alcohol Backpacking Stove

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Just some stories from a couple of guys who have to learn everything the hard way, twice ... and then argue about it.

Trail Journals: Spicey trail journals, action packed photo galleries, misleading trail reviews, inaccurate maps and questionable advice.

DCD Places: Some lovely spots, including the dude - counterdude wilderness lite™ safety-margin -- caution routinely demonstrated to be illusory

DCD Gear: Everybody's favorite stuff: stuff! Sleeping bags, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, tarps and more ...

DCD Boats: From canoes to kayaks, learn about building, paddling and exploring the wilderness in personal watercraft ...

Recent Features:

Ursine Muggings: When Black Bears Turn Bad 400 pounds of bad attitude: hand-fed bears in the Mid-Atlantic's near wilderness want more candy: Now!

Alcohol: Good For More Than Inducing Hypothermia Whether you make your own or go with a trusty Trangia, solo hikers can't get lighter or simpler than an alcohol fuel stove.

Summer Bags: Go Cheap and Light When It's Good And Hot: An inexpensive, lightweight synthetic bag might be just the ticket when the mecury climbs above 90°

Recent Reviews:

GoLite Breeze®: Ultra-light Rucksack: The joys of a minimalist pack

MSR Superfly®: Multi-Canister Backpacking Stove: MSR finally makes a stove whisper

Petzl Tikka®: Light-weight Crystal Diode Lamp: A lightweight, long lasting companion

Feathered Friends Swallow®: Light-weight, down sleeping bag with optional Epic® shell: A premium bag with premium performance

REI Travel Sack®: Synthetic sleeping bag for summer weather and fixed camps: Having the light bag for the job

Henry Shire's TarpTent®: Ultra-light, syl-nylon, hybrid shelter: A compromise that doesn't quite work