Appalachian Trail Waypoints

waypoint map map to spngr to kthdn
Springer Mt (3782 ft)mm0.02174.6
Springer Mountain Sheltermm0.22174.4
Black Gap Sheltermm1.52173.1
Stover Creek Sheltermm2.52172.1
Hawk Mountain Sheltermm7.62167.0
Gooch Mountain Sheltermm14.92159.7
SUCHES, GA 30572mm19.92154.7
Woods Hole Sheltermm26.82147.8
Blood Mountain Sheltermm28.12146.5
Blood Mt (4458 ft)mm28.12146.5
Whitley Gap Sheltermm36.72137.9
Low Gap Sheltermm41.12133.5
Blue Mountain Sheltermm48.32126.3
HELEN, GA 30545mm50.52124.1
Tray Mountain Sheltermm56.02118.6
Deep Gap Sheltermm63.12111.5
HIAWASSEE, GA 30546mm66.62108.0
Plumorchard Gap Sheltermm70.92103.7
Muskrat Creek Sheltermm78.22096.4
Standing Indian Sheltermm83.12091.5
Standing Indian Mt (5490 ft)mm84.62090.0
Carter Gap Shelter (old)mm90.72083.9
Carter Gap Shelter (new)mm90.72083.9
Big Spring Sheltermm95.52079.1
Rock Gap Sheltermm102.82071.8
FRANKLIN, NC 28734mm106.62068.0
Siler Bald Sheltermm110.32064.3
Wayah Bald (5342 ft)mm116.72057.9
Cold Spring Sheltermm122.42052.2
Wesser Bald Sheltermm128.42046.2
A. Rufus Morgan Sheltermm133.12041.5
Sassafras Gap Sheltermm140.82033.8
Brown Fork Gap Sheltermm149.92024.7
Cable Gap Sheltermm156.02018.6
FONTANA DAM, NC 28733mm161.52013.1
Fontana Dam Sheltermm162.62012.0
Southern Boundary GSMNP (1800 ft)mm163.32011.3
Mollies Ridge Sheltermm173.92000.7
Russell Field Sheltermm176.41998.2
Spence Field Sheltermm179.31995.3
Derrick Knob Sheltermm185.61989.0
Silers Bald Sheltermm191.11983.5
Double Spring Gap Sheltermm192.81981.8
Clingmans Dome (6643 ft)mm195.31979.3
Mt. Collins Sheltermm199.11975.5
GATLINBURG, TN 37738mm203.61971.0
Icewater Spring Sheltermm206.61968.0
Charlies Bunion (5375 ft)mm207.41967.2
Pecks Corner Sheltermm214.01960.6
Tricorner Knob Sheltermm219.21955.4
Mt Guyot (6621 ft)mm221.11953.5
Cosby Knob Sheltermm226.91947.7
Davenport Gap Sheltermm234.01940.6
Eastern Boundary GSMNP (1900 ft)mm234.91939.7
Groundhog Creek Sheltermm244.51930.1
Max Patch Mt (4629 ft)mm250.91923.7
Roaring Fork Sheltermm251.91922.7
Walnut Mountain Sheltermm257.61917.0
Deer Park Mountain Sheltermm267.51907.1
HOT SPRINGS, NC 28743mm270.71903.9
Spring Mountain Sheltermm281.71892.9
Little Laurel Sheltermm290.01884.6
Jerry Cabinmm297.11877.5
Flint Mountain Sheltermm303.01871.6
Hogback Ridge Sheltermm311.81862.8
Big Bald (5519 ft)mm320.71853.9
Bald Mountain Sheltermm321.81852.8
No Business Knob Sheltermm332.41842.2
ERWIN, TN 37650mm338.71835.9
Curley Maple Gap Sheltermm342.91831.7
Cherry Gap Sheltermm355.11819.5
Clyde Smith Sheltermm363.91810.7
Roan High Knob (6285 ft)mm370.31804.3
Roan High Knob Sheltermm370.31804.3
Stan Murray Sheltermm375.11799.5
Overmountain Sheltermm376.81797.8
Apple House Sheltermm385.01789.6
ROAN MOUNTAIN, TN 37687mm385.51789.1
ELK PARK, NC 28622mm385.51789.1
Moreland Gap Sheltermm403.21771.4
Laurel Fork Sheltermm411.21763.4
HAMPTON, TN 37658mm412.01762.6
Watauga Lake Sheltermm420.01754.6
Vandeventer Sheltermm426.81747.8
Iron Mountain Sheltermm433.61741.0
Double Springs Sheltermm441.21733.4
SHADY VALLEY, TN 37688mm444.71729.9
Abingdon Gap Sheltermm449.51725.1
The Placemm454.41720.2
DAMASCUS, VA 24236mm459.51715.1
Saunders Sheltermm468.91705.7
Lost Mountain Sheltermm475.31699.3
Mt Rogers (5729 ft)mm487.11687.5
Thomas Knob Sheltermm487.51687.1
Wise Sheltermm492.61682.0
Old Orchard Sheltermm498.51676.1
TROUTDALE, VA 24378mm508.71665.9
Raccoon Branch Sheltermm510.21664.4
Trimpi Sheltermm512.61662.0
Partnership Sheltermm523.21651.4
SUGAR GROVE, VA 24375mm523.31651.3
Chatfield Sheltermm530.31644.3
ATKINS, VA 24311mm534.81639.8
Davis Path Sheltermm537.51637.1
Knot Maul Branch Sheltermm548.71625.9
Chestnut Knob Sheltermm557.71616.9
Jenkins Sheltermm567.71606.9
BLAND, VA 24315mm579.21595.4
BASTIAN, VA 24314mm579.21595.4
Helveys Mill Sheltermm581.51593.1
Jenny Knob Sheltermm591.31583.3
Wapiti Sheltermm605.51569.1
Doc's Knob Sheltermm613.91560.7
PEARISBURG, VA 24134mm622.11552.5
Rice Field Sheltermm628.81545.8
Pine Swamp Branch Sheltermm641.31533.3
Bailey Gap Sheltermm645.01529.6
War Spur Sheltermm653.81520.8
Laurel Creek Sheltermm659.61515.0
Sarver Hollow Sheltermm666.01508.6
Niday Sheltermm672.01502.6
Pickle Branch Sheltermm681.91492.7
CATAWBA, VA 24070mm694.51480.1
Boy Scout Sheltermm695.51479.1
Catawba Mountain Sheltermm696.51478.1
McAfee Knob (3197 ft)mm698.21476.4
Campbell Sheltermm698.91475.7
Lamberts Meadow Sheltermm704.91469.7
CLOVERDALE, VA 24077mm714.31460.3
DALEVILLE, VA 24083mm714.31460.3
TROUTVILLE, VA 24175mm715.81458.8
Fullhardt Knob Sheltermm719.31455.3
Wilson Creek Sheltermm725.51449.1
Bobblets Gap Sheltermm732.81441.8
BUCHANAN, VA 24066mm735.91438.7
Cove Mountain Sheltermm739.21435.4
Bryant Ridge Sheltermm746.11428.5
Cornelius Creek Sheltermm751.11423.5
Apple Orchard Mtn (4063 ft)mm755.21419.4
Thunder Hill Sheltermm756.41418.2
Matts Creek Sheltermm768.81405.8
GLASGOW, VA 24555mm771.01403.6
BIG ISLAND, VA 24526mm771.01403.6
Johns Hollow Sheltermm772.71401.9
Punchbowl Sheltermm781.51393.1
Brown Mountain Creek Sheltermm791.01383.6
BUENA VISTA, VA 24416mm792.81381.8
Cow Camp Sheltermm796.61378.0
Seeley-Woodworth Sheltermm806.81367.8
MONTEBELLO, VA 24464mm809.11365.5
The Priest Sheltermm813.71360.9
The Priest (4063 ft)mm814.21360.4
Harpers Creek Sheltermm821.11353.5
Maupin Field Sheltermm827.31347.3
Paul C. Wolfe Sheltermm843.41331.2
WAYNESBORO, VA 22980mm848.41326.2
Southern Boundary SNP (2200 ft)mm849.21325.4
Calf Mountain Sheltermm855.41319.2
Blackrock Hutmm868.41306.2
Pinefield Hutmm881.61293.0
Hightop Hutmm889.81284.8
Bearfence Mountain Hutmm902.21272.4
Hazeltop Mt (3812 ft)mm905.71268.9
Rock Spring Hutmm913.71260.9
Stony Man Mt (4011 ft)mm918.71255.9
Pass Mountain Hutmm929.01245.6
Gravel Springs Hutmm942.11232.5
Northern Boundary SNP (2300 ft)mm951.81222.8
Tom Floyd Wayside Sheltermm952.61222.0
FRONT ROYAL, VA 22630mm955.51219.1
Jim & Molly Denton Sheltermm960.71213.9
LINDEN, VA 22642mm963.71210.9
Manassas Gap Sheltermm966.21208.4
Dick's Dome Sheltermm970.61204.0
Rod Hollow Sheltermm979.01195.6
Bears Den Hostelmm982.61192.0
Sam Moore Sheltermm985.91188.7
BLUEMONT, VA 20135mm989.51185.1
Blackburn Trail Centermm996.81177.8
David Lesser Sheltermm1000.41174.2
HARPERS FERRY, WV 25425mm1008.81165.8
Ed Garvey Sheltermm1015.81158.8
Crampton Gap Sheltermm1019.91154.7
Rocky Run Sheltermm1024.91149.7
Pine Knob Sheltermm1032.41142.2
SMITHSBURG, MD 21783mm1040.41134.2
Ensign Cowall Sheltermm1040.61134.0
Devils Racecourse Sheltermm1045.51129.1
CASCADE, MD 21719mm1050.21124.4
Mason Dixon Line (1250 ft)mm1050.41124.2
Deer Lick Sheltersmm1055.11119.5
Antietam Sheltermm1057.51117.1
Tumbling Run Sheltersmm1058.71115.9
SOUTH MOUNTAIN, PA 17261mm1063.61111.0
Rocky Mountain Sheltersmm1065.31109.3
FAYETTEVILLE, PA 17222mm1068.31106.3
Quarry Gap Sheltersmm1070.91103.7
Birch Run Sheltersmm1078.31096.3
Toms Run Sheltersmm1084.51090.1
James Fry Sheltermm1095.41079.2
MT. HOLLY SPRINGS, PA 17065mm1098.81075.8
Alec Kennedy Sheltermm1103.71070.9
BOILING SPRINGS, PA 17007mm1107.61067.0
Darlington Sheltermm1121.91052.7
DUNCANNON, PA 17020mm1133.21041.4
Clarks Ferry Sheltermm1137.81036.8
Peters Mountain Sheltermm1144.61030.0
Rausch Gap Sheltermm1162.11012.5
William Penn Sheltermm1175.4999.2
PINE GROVE, PA 17963mm1179.5995.1
501 Sheltermm1180.0994.6
Eagles Nest Sheltermm1194.6980.0
PORT CLINTON, PA 19549mm1203.2971.4
Windsor Furnace Sheltermm1209.3965.3
The Pinnacle (1615 ft)mm1213.1961.5
Eckville Sheltermm1218.4956.2
Allentown Sheltermm1225.8948.8
Bake Oven Knob Sheltermm1235.8938.8
George W. Outerbridge Sheltermm1242.6932.0
SLATINGTON, PA 18080mm1243.2931.4
PALMERTON, PA 18071mm1243.3931.3
DANIELSVILLE, PA 18038mm1248.5926.1
Leroy A. Smith Sheltermm1259.3915.3
WIND GAP, PA 18091mm1263.9910.7
Kirkridge Sheltermm1273.1901.5
DELAWARE WATER GAP, PA 18327mm1279.5895.1
Sunfish Pond (1280 ft)mm1285.6889.0
Brink Road Sheltermm1304.3870.3
BRANCHVILLE, NJ 07826mm1307.9866.7
Gren Anderson Sheltermm1310.9863.7
Mashipacong Sheltermm1316.7857.9
Rutherford Sheltermm1319.6855.0
High Point Sheltermm1323.9850.7
UNIONVILLE, NY 10988mm1331.0843.6
Pochuck Mountain Sheltermm1336.3838.3
Pochuck Mt (985 ft)mm1337.8836.8
GLENWOOD, NJ 07418mm1340.5834.1
VERNON, NJ 07462mm1342.8831.8
Wawayanda Mt (1280 ft)mm1344.2830.4
Wawayanda Sheltermm1348.1826.5
GREENWOOD LAKE, NY 10925mm1354.6820.0
BELLVALE, NY 10912mm1358.0816.6
Wildcat Sheltermm1360.1814.5
SOUTHFIELDS, NY 10975mm1370.1804.5
ARDEN, NY 10910mm1370.1804.5
Fingerboard Sheltermm1374.4800.2
William Brien Memorial Sheltermm1379.7794.9
West Mountain Sheltermm1382.8791.8
Bear Mountain (1305 ft)mm1386.0788.6
BEAR MOUNTAIN, NY 10911mm1387.8786.8
Bear Mountain Zoo (124 ft)mm1388.5786.1
FORT MONTGOMERY, NY 10922mm1388.6786.0
PEEKSKILL, NY 10566mm1394.4780.2
RPH Sheltermm1413.8760.8
STORMVILLE, NY 12582mm1418.9755.7
Morgan Stewart Memorial Sheltermm1422.8751.8
POUGHQUAG, NY 12570mm1426.1748.5
Telephone Pioneers Sheltermm1430.4744.2
PAWLING, NY 12564mm1431.1743.5
Wiley Sheltermm1439.4735.2
WINDGDALE, NY 12594mm1440.6734.0
Ten Mile River Lean-tomm1443.4731.2
Mt. Algo Lean-tomm1451.8722.8
KENT, CT 06757mm1452.1722.5
Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-tomm1459.1715.5
CORNWALL BRIDGE, CT 06754mm1463.2711.4
WEST CORNWELL, CT 06796mm1468.0706.6
Pine Swamp Brook Lean-tomm1469.1705.5
FALLS VILLAGE, CT 06031mm1477.3697.3
Limestone Spring Lean-tomm1481.4693.2
SALISBURY, CT 06068mm1485.5689.1
Riga Lean-tomm1488.9685.7
Brassie Brook Lean-tomm1490.1684.5
Bear Mountain (2316 ft)mm1491.5683.1
Mt Everett (2602 ft)mm1497.8676.8
The Hemlocks Lean-tomm1498.9675.7
Glen Brook Lean-tomm1499.0675.6
SOUTH EGREMONT, MA 01258mm1503.3671.3
SHEFFIELD, MA 01157mm1506.9667.7
Tom Leonard Lean-tomm1513.3661.3
MONTEREY, MA 01245mm1515.3659.3
GREAT BARRINGTON, MA 01230mm1515.3659.3
Mt. Wilcox South Lean-tomm1518.6656.0
Mt. Wilcox North Lean-tomm1520.4654.2
TYRINGHAM, MA 01264mm1527.4647.2
Upper Goose Pond Cabinmm1534.4640.2
LEE, MA 01238mm1536.0638.6
October Mountain Lean-tomm1543.2631.4
BECKET, MA 01223mm1545.4629.2
Kay Wood Lean-tomm1552.0622.6
DALTON, MA 01226mm1555.0619.6
CHESIRE, MA 01225mm1563.6611.0
Bascom Lodgemm1566.2608.4
Mark Noepel Lean-tomm1568.7605.9
Mt Greylock (3491 ft)mm1572.0602.6
Wilbur Clearing Lean-tomm1575.3599.3
WILLIAMSTOWN, MA 01267mm1578.3596.3
NORTH ADAMS, MA 01247mm1578.3596.3
Seth Warner Sheltermm1585.2589.4
Congdon Sheltermm1592.4582.2
BENNINGTON, VT 05201mm1596.7577.9
Melville Nauheim Sheltermm1598.3576.3
Goddard Sheltermm1606.8567.8
Glastenbury Mtn (3748 ft)mm1607.1567.5
Kid Gore Sheltermm1611.1563.5
Caughnawaga Sheltermm1611.1563.5
Story Spring Sheltermm1615.7558.9
Stratton Mtn (3936 ft)mm1623.1551.5
Stratton Pond Sheltermm1626.2548.4
William B. Douglas Sheltermm1631.0543.6
Spruce Peak Sheltermm1634.0540.6
MANCHESTER CENTER, VT 05255mm1636.8537.8
Bromley Mtn (3260 ft)mm1639.8534.8
Peru Peak Sheltermm1646.9527.7
Old Job Sheltermm1653.1521.5
Big Branch Sheltermm1653.3521.3
DANBY, VT 05739mm1654.6520.0
Lula Tye Sheltermm1656.3518.3
Little Rock Pond Sheltermm1657.0517.6
Greenwall Sheltermm1661.4513.2
WALLINGFORD, VT 05773mm1662.9511.7
Minerva Hinchey Sheltermm1666.5508.1
Clarendon Sheltermm1670.2504.4
Governor Clement Sheltermm1676.0498.6
Killington Peak (4235 ft)mm1680.2494.4
Cooper Lodgemm1680.3494.3
Pico Camp Sheltermm1682.8491.8
Gifford Woods State Parkmm1684.7489.9
Tucker Johnson Sheltermm1687.6487.0
KILLINGTON, VT 05751mm1689.8484.8
Stony Brook Sheltermm1696.6478.0
Wintturi Sheltermm1706.5468.1
WOODSTOCK, VT 05091mm1710.3464.3
SOUTH POMFRET, VT 05067mm1711.8462.8
Thistle Hill Sheltermm1718.1456.5
WEST HARTFORD, VT 05084mm1722.9451.7
Happy Hill Sheltermm1726.9447.7
NORWICH, VT 05055mm1731.2443.4
HANOVER, NH 03755mm1732.7441.9
Velvet Rocks Sheltermm1734.2440.4
Moose Mountain Sheltermm1743.7430.9
Trapper John Sheltermm1749.4425.2
LYME, NH 03768mm1750.3424.3
Smarts Mountain Cabinmm1756.1418.5
Smarts Mtn (3240 ft)mm1756.1418.5
Hexacuba Sheltermm1761.4413.2
Mt Cube (2911 ft)mm1763.3411.3
WENTWORTH, NH 03282mm1766.3408.3
Ore Hill Sheltermm1768.7405.9
WARREN, HH 03279mm1771.1403.5
GLENCLIFF, NH 03238mm1776.1398.5
Jeffers Brook Sheltermm1777.2397.4
Mt Moosilauke (4830 ft)mm1781.8392.8
Beaver Brook Sheltermm1784.0390.6
Eliza Brook Campsite Sheltermm1793.1381.5
South Kinsman Mtn (4358 ft)mm1795.6379.0
North Kinsman Mtn (4293 ft)mm1796.5378.1
Kinsman Pond Campsite Sheltermm1797.1377.5
Lonesome Lake Hutmm1799.0375.6
NORTH WOODSTOCK, NH 03262mm1801.9372.7
Little Haystack (4840 ft)mm1806.6368.0
Mt Lincoln (5089 ft)mm1807.3367.3
Greenleaf Hutmm1808.3366.3
Mt Lafayette (5249 ft)mm1808.3366.3
Mt Garfield (4488 ft)mm1811.8362.8
Garfield Ridge Campsite Sheltermm1812.2362.4
Galehead Hutmm1814.9359.7
South Twin Mtn (4902 ft)mm1815.7358.9
Guyot Campsite Sheltermm1817.7356.9
Zealand Falls Hutmm1821.9352.7
Ethan Pond Campsite Sheltermm1826.7347.9
Mt Webster (3910 ft)mm1832.9341.7
Mizpah Spring Hutmm1836.0338.6
Lake of the Clouds Hutmm1840.8333.8
Mt Washington (6288 ft)mm1842.2332.4
MT. WASHINGTON, NH 03589mm1842.2332.4
The Perch Sheltermm1846.3328.3
Madison Springs Hutmm1847.8326.8
Mt Madison (5363 ft)mm1848.3326.3
Wildcat Mtn Peak A (4380 ft)mm1860.6314.0
Carter Notch Hutmm1861.5313.1
Carter Dome (4832 ft)mm1862.7311.9
South Carter Mtn (4458 ft)mm1864.9309.7
Middle Carter Mtn (4600 ft)mm1866.2308.4
North Carter Mtn (4539 ft)mm1866.8307.8
Imp Campsite Sheltermm1868.7305.9
Mt Moriah (4049 ft)mm1870.8303.8
Rattle River Sheltermm1874.8299.8
GORHAM, NH 03581mm1876.7297.9
Gentian Pond Campsite Sheltermm1888.5286.1
Carlo Col Sheltermm1893.7280.9
Goose Eye Mtn (3794 ft)mm1895.9278.7
Full Goose Sheltermm1898.1276.5
Mahoosic Notch (2400 ft)mm1899.6275.0
Mahoosic Arm (3770 ft)mm1902.3272.3
Speck Pond Sheltermm1903.2271.4
Baldpate Lean-tomm1910.1264.5
Baldpate Mtn (3812 ft)mm1910.9263.7
Frye Notch Lean-tomm1913.6261.0
ANDOVER, ME 04216mm1918.1256.5
Wyman Mtn (2945 ft)mm1922.8251.8
Hall Mountain Lean-tomm1924.1250.5
Old Blue Mtn (3600 ft)mm1931.0243.6
Bemis Mtn (3580 ft)mm1935.2239.4
Bemis Mountain Lean-tomm1936.9237.7
OQUOSSOC, ME 04964mm1941.5233.1
Sabbath Day Pond Lean-tomm1945.2229.4
RANGELY, ME 04970mm1954.6220.0
Piazza Rock Lean-tomm1956.4218.2
Saddleback Mtn (4116 ft)mm1960.3214.3
Poplar Ridge Lean-tomm1965.3209.3
Spaulding Mountain Lean-tomm1973.3201.3
Spaulding Mtn (3988 ft)mm1974.1200.5
Sugarloaf Mtn (4237 ft)mm1976.2198.4
Crocker Mtn North (4168 ft)mm1980.6194.0
STRATTON, ME 04982mm1986.8187.8
Horns Pond Lean-tosmm1991.9182.7
Mt Bigelow W. Peak (4150 ft)mm1994.5180.1
Little Bigelow Lean-tomm2002.4172.2
West Carry Pond Lean-tomm2009.4165.2
Pierce Pond Lean-tomm2019.4155.2
CARATUNK, ME 04925mm2023.4151.2
Pleasant Pond Lean-tomm2029.1145.5
Bald Mountain Brook Lean-tomm2038.1136.5
Moxie Bald Lean-tomm2042.2132.4
Horseshoe Canyon Lean-tomm2051.1123.5
MONSON, ME 04464mm2060.1114.5
Leeman Brook Lean-tomm2063.1111.5
Wilson Valley Lean-tomm2070.5104.1
Long Pond Stream Lean-tomm2075.299.4
Barren Mtn (3696 ft)mm2078.396.3
Cloud Pond Lean-tomm2079.295.4
Chairback Gap Lean-tomm2086.188.5
Chairback Mtn (2180 ft)mm2086.688.0
Carl A. Newhall Lean-tomm2096.078.6
White Cap Mtn (3644 ft)mm2101.872.8
Logan Brook Lean-tomm2103.271.4
East Branch Lean-tomm2106.867.8
Cooper Brook Falls Lean-tomm2114.959.7
Potaywadjo Spring Lean-tomm2126.348.3
Wadleigh Stream Lean-tomm2136.438.2
Rainbow Stream Lean-tomm2144.530.1
Hurd Brook Lean-tomm2156.018.6
The Birches Sheltersmm2169.45.2
MILLINOCKET, ME 04462mm2174.60.0
Mt Katahdin (5268 ft)mm2174.60.0

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