Appalachian Trail Weather°

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Springer Mt (3782 ft)56° - 72°Slight Chance Thunderstorms0.0
Springer Mountain Shelter56° - 72°Slight Chance Thunderstorms0.2
Black Gap Shelter57° - 73°Slight Chance Thunderstorms1.5
Stover Creek Shelter56° - 72°Slight Chance Thunderstorms2.5
Hawk Mountain Shelter56° - 73°Slight Chance Thunderstorms7.6
Gooch Mountain Shelter56° - 73°Slight Chance Rain Showers14.9
SUCHES, GA 3057257° - 74°Slight Chance Thunderstorms19.9
Woods Hole Shelter56° - 73°Slight Chance Thunderstorms26.8
Blood Mountain Shelter56° - 72°Slight Chance Rain Showers28.1
Blood Mt (4458 ft)56° - 72°Slight Chance Rain Showers28.1
Whitley Gap Shelter56° - 71°Slight Chance Rain Showers36.7
Low Gap Shelter57° - 75°Slight Chance Rain Showers41.1
Blue Mountain Shelter55° - 72°Slight Chance Rain Showers48.3
HELEN, GA 3054559° - 78°Slight Chance Rain Showers50.5
Tray Mountain Shelter55° - 71°Slight Chance Rain Showers56.0
Deep Gap Shelter55° - 71°Slight Chance Thunderstorms63.1
HIAWASSEE, GA 3054658° - 77°Slight Chance Rain Showers66.6
Plumorchard Gap Shelter56° - 76°Slight Chance Rain Showers70.9
Muskrat Creek Shelter54° - 70°Rain Showers78.2
Standing Indian Shelter54° - 68°Chance Thunderstorms83.1
Standing Indian Mt (5490 ft)54° - 68°Chance Thunderstorms84.6
Carter Gap Shelter (new)54° - 66°Chance Thunderstorms90.7
Carter Gap Shelter (old)54° - 66°Chance Thunderstorms90.7
Big Spring Shelter55° - 72°Chance Thunderstorms95.5
Rock Gap Shelter55° - 73°Chance Thunderstorms102.8
FRANKLIN, NC 2873457° - 76°Chance Thunderstorms106.6
Siler Bald Shelter55° - 71°Chance Thunderstorms110.3
Wayah Bald (5342 ft)55° - 71°Chance Thunderstorms116.7
Cold Spring Shelter53° - 68°Chance Thunderstorms122.4
Wesser Bald Shelter54° - 70°Chance Thunderstorms128.4
A. Rufus Morgan Shelter55° - 77°Chance Thunderstorms133.1
Sassafras Gap Shelter53° - 70°Chance Thunderstorms140.8
Brown Fork Gap Shelter54° - 73°Slight Chance Thunderstorms149.9
Cable Gap Shelter57° - 77°Slight Chance Thunderstorms156.0
FONTANA DAM, NC 2873359° - 78°Slight Chance Thunderstorms161.5
Fontana Dam Shelter56° - 73°Slight Chance Thunderstorms162.6
Mollies Ridge Shelter56° - 72°Rain Showers173.9
Russell Field Shelter56° - 72°Rain Showers176.4
Spence Field Shelter57° - 67°Slight Chance Thunderstorms179.3
Derrick Knob Shelter55° - 72°Slight Chance Thunderstorms185.6
Silers Bald Shelter55° - 68°Slight Chance Thunderstorms191.1
Double Spring Gap Shelter55° - 68°Slight Chance Thunderstorms192.8
Clingmans Dome (6643 ft)53° - 70°Slight Chance Thunderstorms195.3
Mt. Collins Shelter54° - 67°Slight Chance Thunderstorms199.1
GATLINBURG, TN 3773859° - 78°Rain Showers203.6
Icewater Spring Shelter53° - 65°Rain Showers206.6
Charlies Bunion (5375 ft)53° - 65°Rain Showers207.4
Pecks Corner Shelter53° - 66°Rain Showers214.0
Tricorner Knob Shelter52° - 64°Rain Showers219.2
Mt Guyot (6621 ft)52° - 64°Rain Showers221.1
Cosby Knob Shelter55° - 68°Slight Chance Thunderstorms226.9
Davenport Gap Shelter58° - 76°Rain Showers234.0
Groundhog Creek Shelter56° - 69°Slight Chance Thunderstorms244.5
Max Patch Mt (4629 ft)55° - 71°Slight Chance Thunderstorms250.9
Roaring Fork Shelter56° - 73°Slight Chance Thunderstorms251.9
Walnut Mountain Shelter56° - 73°Slight Chance Thunderstorms257.6
Deer Park Mountain Shelter56° - 72°Slight Chance Thunderstorms267.5
HOT SPRINGS, NC 2874357° - 78°Slight Chance Thunderstorms270.7
Spring Mountain Shelter57° - 74°Rain Showers281.7
Little Laurel Shelter56° - 73°Rain Showers290.0
Jerry Cabin56° - 73°Rain Showers297.1
Flint Mountain Shelter57° - 75°Rain Showers303.0
Hogback Ridge Shelter57° - 74°Rain Showers311.8
Big Bald (5519 ft)54° - 69°Slight Chance Thunderstorms320.7
Bald Mountain Shelter54° - 69°Rain Showers321.8
No Business Knob Shelter57° - 74°Rain Showers332.4
ERWIN, TN 3765058° - 77°Rain Showers338.7
Curley Maple Gap Shelter56° - 72°Rain Showers342.9
Cherry Gap Shelter55° - 70°Rain Showers355.1
Clyde Smith Shelter55° - 71°Rain Showers363.9
Roan High Knob Shelter54° - 68°Rain Showers370.3
Roan High Knob (6285 ft)54° - 68°Rain Showers370.3
Stan Murray Shelter53° - 66°Rain Showers375.1
Overmountain Shelter53° - 66°Rain Showers376.8
Apple House Shelter55° - 64°Chance Thunderstorms385.0
ROAN MOUNTAIN, TN 3768756° - 73°Rain Showers385.5
ELK PARK, NC 2862255° - 64°Chance Thunderstorms385.5
Moreland Gap Shelter56° - 74°Rain Showers403.2
Laurel Fork Shelter56° - 75°Rain Showers411.2
HAMPTON, TN 3765856° - 75°Rain Showers412.0
Watauga Lake Shelter55° - 73°Rain Showers420.0
Vandeventer Shelter57° - 77°Rain Showers426.8
Iron Mountain Shelter56° - 75°Rain Showers433.6
Double Springs Shelter57° - 77°Rain Showers441.2
SHADY VALLEY, TN 3768855° - 73°Rain Showers444.7
Abingdon Gap Shelter55° - 73°Rain Showers449.5
The Place57° - 75°Rain Showers454.4
DAMASCUS, VA 2423657° - 75°Rain Showers459.5
Saunders Shelter56° - 75°Rain Showers468.9
Lost Mountain Shelter55° - 73°Rain Showers475.3
Mt Rogers (5729 ft)49° - 60°Slight Chance Rain487.1
Thomas Knob Shelter49° - 60°Slight Chance Rain487.5
Wise Shelter51° - 62°Slight Chance Rain492.6
Old Orchard Shelter54° - 68°Slight Chance Rain498.5
TROUTDALE, VA 2437855° - 70°Slight Chance Rain508.7
Raccoon Branch Shelter55° - 71°Slight Chance Rain510.2
Trimpi Shelter55° - 71°Slight Chance Rain512.6
Partnership Shelter55° - 71°Chance Rain Showers523.2
SUGAR GROVE, VA 2437556° - 70°Slight Chance Thunderstorms523.3
Chatfield Shelter55° - 71°Slight Chance Thunderstorms530.3
ATKINS, VA 2431155° - 71°Chance Rain Showers534.8
Davis Path Shelter55° - 71°Chance Rain Showers537.5
Knot Maul Branch Shelter54° - 70°Chance Rain Showers548.7
Chestnut Knob Shelter53° - 65°Slight Chance Rain Showers557.7
Jenkins Shelter54° - 67°Chance Rain Showers567.7
BLAND, VA 2431554° - 70°Slight Chance Thunderstorms579.2
BASTIAN, VA 2431456° - 70°Slight Chance Rain Showers579.2
Helveys Mill Shelter54° - 70°Slight Chance Thunderstorms581.5
Jenny Knob Shelter54° - 69°Slight Chance Thunderstorms591.3
Wapiti Shelter51° - 62°Slight Chance Thunderstorms605.5
Doc's Knob Shelter52° - 63°Slight Chance Thunderstorms613.9
PEARISBURG, VA 2413455° - 70°Slight Chance Thunderstorms622.1
Rice Field Shelter52° - 64°Slight Chance Thunderstorms628.8
Pine Swamp Branch Shelter45° - 63°Rain Showers Likely641.3
Bailey Gap Shelter52° - 63°Slight Chance Thunderstorms645.0
War Spur Shelter53° - 66°Slight Chance Thunderstorms653.8
Laurel Creek Shelter52° - 63°Slight Chance Thunderstorms659.6
Sarver Hollow Shelter52° - 62°Slight Chance Thunderstorms666.0
Niday Shelter52° - 61°Slight Chance Thunderstorms672.0
Pickle Branch Shelter56° - 69°Slight Chance Thunderstorms681.9
CATAWBA, VA 2407055° - 68°Slight Chance Rain Showers694.5
Boy Scout Shelter54° - 64°Slight Chance Rain Showers695.5
Catawba Mountain Shelter54° - 64°Slight Chance Rain Showers696.5
McAfee Knob (3197 ft)54° - 64°Slight Chance Rain Showers698.2
Campbell Shelter54° - 64°Slight Chance Rain Showers698.9
Lamberts Meadow Shelter55° - 68°Slight Chance Rain Showers704.9
CLOVERDALE, VA 2407756° - 69°Slight Chance Rain Showers714.3
DALEVILLE, VA 2408357° - 69°Slight Chance Rain Showers714.3
TROUTVILLE, VA 2417556° - 70°Slight Chance Rain Showers715.8
Fullhardt Knob Shelter56° - 70°Slight Chance Rain Showers719.3
Wilson Creek Shelter57° - 70°Slight Chance Rain725.5
Bobblets Gap Shelter56° - 70°Slight Chance Rain732.8
BUCHANAN, VA 2406656° - 71°Slight Chance Rain Showers735.9
Cove Mountain Shelter57° - 70°Slight Chance Rain Showers739.2
Bryant Ridge Shelter56° - 71°Slight Chance Rain746.1
Cornelius Creek Shelter56° - 70°Slight Chance Rain Showers751.1
Apple Orchard Mtn (4063 ft)54° - 63°Slight Chance Rain Showers755.2
Thunder Hill Shelter54° - 63°Slight Chance Rain Showers756.4
Matts Creek Shelter57° - 70°Slight Chance Rain Showers768.8
GLASGOW, VA 2455557° - 70°Slight Chance Rain Showers771.0
BIG ISLAND, VA 2452656° - 69°Slight Chance Rain Showers771.0
Johns Hollow Shelter57° - 70°Slight Chance Rain Showers772.7
Punchbowl Shelter56° - 65°Slight Chance Rain Showers781.5
Brown Mountain Creek Shelter56° - 68°Slight Chance Rain Showers791.0
BUENA VISTA, VA 2441657° - 70°Slight Chance Rain Showers792.8
Cow Camp Shelter52° - 60°Slight Chance Rain Showers796.6
Seeley-Woodworth Shelter54° - 67°Slight Chance Rain Showers806.8
MONTEBELLO, VA 2446451° - 64°Slight Chance Thunderstorms809.1
The Priest Shelter51° - 65°Slight Chance Thunderstorms813.7
The Priest (4063 ft)51° - 65°Slight Chance Thunderstorms814.2
Harpers Creek Shelter52° - 65°Slight Chance Thunderstorms821.1
Maupin Field Shelter52° - 65°Slight Chance Thunderstorms827.3
Paul C. Wolfe Shelter53° - 68°Slight Chance Thunderstorms843.4
WAYNESBORO, VA 2298054° - 69°Slight Chance Thunderstorms848.4
Calf Mountain Shelter55° - 68°Slight Chance Thunderstorms855.4
Blackrock Hut53° - 66°Slight Chance Thunderstorms868.4
Pinefield Hut53° - 66°Slight Chance Thunderstorms881.6
Hightop Hut53° - 66°Slight Chance Thunderstorms889.8
Bearfence Mountain Hut53° - 65°Slight Chance Thunderstorms902.2
Hazeltop Mt (3812 ft)52° - 65°Slight Chance Thunderstorms905.7
Rock Spring Hut52° - 65°Slight Chance Thunderstorms913.7
Stony Man Mt (4011 ft)52° - 66°Slight Chance Thunderstorms918.7
Pass Mountain Hut52° - 65°Chance Rain Showers929.0
Gravel Springs Hut53° - 66°Chance Rain Showers942.1
Tom Floyd Wayside Shelter53° - 69°Chance Rain Showers952.6
FRONT ROYAL, VA 2263054° - 70°Chance Rain Showers955.5
Jim & Molly Denton Shelter54° - 69°Chance Rain Showers960.7
LINDEN, VA 2264254° - 69°Chance Rain Showers963.7
Manassas Gap Shelter54° - 68°Chance Rain Showers966.2
Dick's Dome Shelter54° - 68°Chance Rain Showers970.6
Rod Hollow Shelter54° - 69°Chance Rain Showers979.0
Bears Den Hostel55° - 69°Chance Rain Showers982.6
Sam Moore Shelter55° - 70°Chance Rain Showers985.9
BLUEMONT, VA 2013555° - 69°Chance Rain Showers989.5
Blackburn Trail Center55° - 69°Chance Rain Showers996.8
David Lesser Shelter54° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1000.4
HARPERS FERRY, WV 2542555° - 70°Chance Rain Showers1008.8
Ed Garvey Shelter55° - 71°Chance Rain Showers1015.8
Crampton Gap Shelter55° - 70°Chance Rain Showers1019.9
Rocky Run Shelter55° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1024.9
Pine Knob Shelter54° - 68°Chance Rain Showers1032.4
SMITHSBURG, MD 2178354° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1040.4
Ensign Cowall Shelter53° - 66°Chance Rain Showers1040.6
Devils Racecourse Shelter53° - 66°Chance Rain Showers1045.5
CASCADE, MD 2171954° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1050.2
Mason Dixon Line (1250 ft)55° - 70°Chance Rain Showers1050.4
Deer Lick Shelters55° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1055.1
Antietam Shelter55° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1057.5
Tumbling Run Shelters54° - 66°Chance Rain Showers1058.7
SOUTH MOUNTAIN, PA 1726154° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1063.6
Rocky Mountain Shelters54° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1065.3
FAYETTEVILLE, PA 1722254° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1068.3
Quarry Gap Shelters54° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1070.9
Birch Run Shelters53° - 65°Chance Rain Showers1078.3
Toms Run Shelters53° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1084.5
James Fry Shelter54° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1095.4
MT. HOLLY SPRINGS, PA 1706554° - 68°Chance Rain Showers1098.8
Alec Kennedy Shelter54° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1103.7
BOILING SPRINGS, PA 1700754° - 70°Chance Rain Showers1107.6
Darlington Shelter54° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1121.9
DUNCANNON, PA 1702054° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1133.2
Clarks Ferry Shelter54° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1137.8
Peters Mountain Shelter53° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1144.6
Rausch Gap Shelter52° - 65°Chance Rain Showers1162.1
William Penn Shelter52° - 68°Chance Rain Showers1175.4
PINE GROVE, PA 1796352° - 68°Chance Rain Showers1179.5
501 Shelter52° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1180.0
Eagles Nest Shelter51° - 64°Chance Rain Showers1194.6
PORT CLINTON, PA 1954952° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1203.2
Windsor Furnace Shelter51° - 65°Chance Rain Showers1209.3
The Pinnacle (1615 ft)52° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1213.1
Eckville Shelter51° - 66°Chance Rain Showers1218.4
Allentown Shelter50° - 65°Chance Rain Showers1225.8
Bake Oven Knob Shelter51° - 66°Chance Rain Showers1235.8
George W. Outerbridge Shelter51° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1242.6
SLATINGTON, PA 1808052° - 68°Chance Rain Showers1243.2
PALMERTON, PA 1807151° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1243.3
DANIELSVILLE, PA 1803851° - 68°Chance Rain Showers1248.5
Leroy A. Smith Shelter50° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1259.3
WIND GAP, PA 1809149° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1263.9
Kirkridge Shelter50° - 67°Chance Rain Showers1273.1
DELAWARE WATER GAP, PA 1832749° - 69°Chance Rain Showers1279.5
Sunfish Pond (1280 ft)49° - 63°Chance Rain Showers1285.6
Brink Road Shelter48° - 65°Chance Rain Showers1304.3
BRANCHVILLE, NJ 0782648° - 66°Chance Rain Showers1307.9
Gren Anderson Shelter47° - 63°Chance Rain Showers1310.9
Mashipacong Shelter46° - 65°Chance Rain Showers1316.7
Rutherford Shelter46° - 65°Chance Rain Showers1319.6
High Point Shelter46° - 62°Slight Chance Rain Showers1323.9
UNIONVILLE, NY 1098845° - 65°Chance Rain Showers1331.0
Pochuck Mountain Shelter45° - 66°Slight Chance Rain Showers1336.3
Pochuck Mt (985 ft)45° - 66°Slight Chance Rain Showers1337.8
GLENWOOD, NJ 0741847° - 65°Chance Rain Showers1340.5
VERNON, NJ 0746247° - 66°Chance Rain Showers1342.8
Wawayanda Mt (1280 ft)47° - 63°Slight Chance Rain Showers1344.2
Wawayanda Shelter48° - 63°Slight Chance Rain Showers1348.1
GREENWOOD LAKE, NY 1092548° - 62°Slight Chance Rain Showers1354.6
BELLVALE, NY 1091246° - 66°Slight Chance Rain Showers1358.0
Wildcat Shelter48° - 62°Slight Chance Rain Showers1360.1
SOUTHFIELDS, NY 1097548° - 62°Slight Chance Rain Showers1370.1
ARDEN, NY 1091047° - 64°Slight Chance Rain Showers1370.1
Fingerboard Shelter48° - 61°Slight Chance Rain Showers1374.4
William Brien Memorial Shelter48° - 61°Slight Chance Rain Showers1379.7
West Mountain Shelter46° - 66°Slight Chance Rain Showers1382.8
Bear Mountain (1305 ft)47° - 61°Slight Chance Rain Showers1386.0
BEAR MOUNTAIN, NY 1091147° - 61°Slight Chance Rain Showers1387.8
Bear Mountain Zoo (124 ft)47° - 61°Slight Chance Rain Showers1388.5
FORT MONTGOMERY, NY 1092247° - 61°Slight Chance Rain Showers1388.6
PEEKSKILL, NY 1056646° - 65°Slight Chance Rain Showers1394.4
RPH Shelter47° - 63°Rain Showers Likely1413.8
STORMVILLE, NY 1258246° - 65°Rain Showers Likely1418.9
Morgan Stewart Memorial Shelter46° - 65°Rain Showers Likely1422.8
POUGHQUAG, NY 1257045° - 65°Rain Showers Likely1426.1
Telephone Pioneers Shelter44° - 65°Rain Showers Likely1430.4
PAWLING, NY 1256443° - 65°Rain Showers Likely1431.1
Wiley Shelter45° - 65°Rain Showers Likely1439.4
WINDGDALE, NY 1259444° - 65°Rain Showers Likely1440.6
Ten Mile River Lean-to45° - 65°Rain Showers Likely1443.4
Mt. Algo Lean-to46° - 63°Rain Showers Likely1451.8
KENT, CT 0675746° - 63°Rain Showers Likely1452.1
Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-to45° - 64°Rain Showers Likely1459.1
CORNWALL BRIDGE, CT 0675444° - 65°Rain Showers Likely1463.2
WEST CORNWELL, CT 0679645° - 64°Rain Showers Likely1468.0
Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to51° - 61°Slight Chance Thunderstorms1469.1
FALLS VILLAGE, CT 0603144° - 64°Rain Showers Likely1477.3
Limestone Spring Lean-to45° - 63°Rain Showers Likely1481.4
SALISBURY, CT 0606845° - 63°Rain Showers Likely1485.5
Riga Lean-to45° - 61°Rain Showers Likely1488.9
Brassie Brook Lean-to45° - 60°Rain Showers Likely1490.1
Bear Mountain (2316 ft)45° - 60°Rain Showers Likely1491.5
Mt Everett (2602 ft)44° - 57°Rain Showers Likely1497.8
The Hemlocks Lean-to44° - 62°Rain Showers Likely1498.9
Glen Brook Lean-to44° - 62°Rain Showers Likely1499.0
SOUTH EGREMONT, MA 0125843° - 63°Rain Showers Likely1503.3
SHEFFIELD, MA 0115743° - 64°Rain Showers Likely1506.9
Tom Leonard Lean-to42° - 61°Rain Showers Likely1513.3
MONTEREY, MA 0124541° - 57°Rain Showers Likely1515.3
GREAT BARRINGTON, MA 0123042° - 62°Rain Showers Likely1515.3
Mt. Wilcox South Lean-to42° - 57°Rain Showers Likely1518.6
Mt. Wilcox North Lean-to41° - 58°Rain Showers Likely1520.4
TYRINGHAM, MA 0126441° - 58°Rain Showers Likely1527.4
Upper Goose Pond Cabin41° - 56°Rain Showers Likely1534.4
LEE, MA 0123840° - 60°Rain Showers Likely1536.0
October Mountain Lean-to40° - 56°Rain Showers Likely1543.2
BECKET, MA 0122339° - 58°Rain Showers Likely1545.4
Kay Wood Lean-to40° - 56°Rain Showers Likely1552.0
DALTON, MA 0122640° - 56°Rain Showers Likely1555.0
CHESIRE, MA 0122541° - 60°Rain Showers Likely1563.6
Bascom Lodge41° - 54°Rain Showers Likely1566.2
Mark Noepel Lean-to41° - 54°Rain Showers Likely1568.7
Mt Greylock (3491 ft)41° - 54°Rain Showers Likely1572.0
Wilbur Clearing Lean-to41° - 55°Rain Showers Likely1575.3
WILLIAMSTOWN, MA 0126741° - 60°Rain Showers Likely1578.3
NORTH ADAMS, MA 0124740° - 60°Rain Showers Likely1578.3
Seth Warner Shelter41° - 57°Rain Showers Likely1585.2
Congdon Shelter40° - 55°Rain Showers Likely1592.4
BENNINGTON, VT 0520138° - 59°Rain Showers Likely1596.7
Melville Nauheim Shelter39° - 57°Rain Showers Likely1598.3
Goddard Shelter40° - 54°Rain Showers Likely1606.8
Glastenbury Mtn (3748 ft)40° - 54°Rain Showers Likely1607.1
Kid Gore Shelter39° - 54°Rain Showers Likely1611.1
Caughnawaga Shelter39° - 54°Rain Showers Likely1611.1
Story Spring Shelter39° - 55°Rain Showers Likely1615.7
Stratton Mtn (3936 ft)38° - 56°Rain Showers Likely1623.1
Stratton Pond Shelter38° - 55°Rain Showers Likely1626.2
William B. Douglas Shelter39° - 53°Rain Showers Likely1631.0
Spruce Peak Shelter37° - 59°Rain Showers Likely1634.0
MANCHESTER CENTER, VT 0525538° - 60°Mostly Sunny1636.8
Bromley Mtn (3260 ft)39° - 53°Rain Showers Likely1639.8
Peru Peak Shelter41° - 60°Sunny1646.9
Old Job Shelter41° - 51°Sunny1653.1
Big Branch Shelter40° - 57°Sunny1653.3
DANBY, VT 0573941° - 56°Sunny1654.6
Lula Tye Shelter41° - 51°Sunny1656.3
Little Rock Pond Shelter41° - 51°Sunny1657.0
Greenwall Shelter41° - 54°Sunny1661.4
WALLINGFORD, VT 0577342° - 53°Sunny1662.9
Minerva Hinchey Shelter40° - 51°Sunny1666.5
Clarendon Shelter41° - 58°Sunny1670.2
Governor Clement Shelter40° - 54°Sunny1676.0
Killington Peak (4235 ft)39° - 53°Rain Showers Likely1680.2
Cooper Lodge40° - 51°Rain Showers Likely1680.3
Pico Camp Shelter39° - 50°Rain Showers Likely1682.8
Gifford Woods State Park40° - 53°Sunny1684.7
Tucker Johnson Shelter40° - 53°Sunny1687.6
KILLINGTON, VT 0575140° - 58°Sunny1689.8
Stony Brook Shelter39° - 57°Sunny1696.6
Wintturi Shelter39° - 57°Sunny1706.5
WOODSTOCK, VT 0509138° - 60°Sunny1710.3
SOUTH POMFRET, VT 0506738° - 59°Sunny1711.8
Thistle Hill Shelter37° - 56°Sunny1718.1
WEST HARTFORD, VT 0508438° - 59°Sunny1722.9
Happy Hill Shelter37° - 58°Sunny1726.9
NORWICH, VT 0505537° - 58°Sunny1731.2
HANOVER, NH 0375538° - 59°Mostly Sunny1732.7
Velvet Rocks Shelter38° - 59°Mostly Sunny1734.2
Moose Mountain Shelter38° - 52°Mostly Sunny1743.7
Trapper John Shelter36° - 57°Mostly Sunny1749.4
LYME, NH 0376838° - 57°Mostly Sunny1750.3
Smarts Mtn (3240 ft)37° - 50°Mostly Sunny1756.1
Smarts Mountain Cabin37° - 52°Mostly Sunny1756.1
Hexacuba Shelter37° - 54°Mostly Sunny1761.4
Mt Cube (2911 ft)37° - 54°Mostly Sunny1763.3
WENTWORTH, NH 0328239° - 57°Mostly Sunny1766.3
Ore Hill Shelter35° - 56°Mostly Sunny1768.7
WARREN, HH 0327937° - 53°Mostly Sunny1771.1
GLENCLIFF, NH 0323835° - 56°Mostly Sunny1776.1
Jeffers Brook Shelter36° - 56°Mostly Sunny1777.2
Mt Moosilauke (4830 ft)37° - 49°Chance Rain Showers1781.8
Beaver Brook Shelter35° - 53°Mostly Sunny1784.0
Eliza Brook Campsite Shelter37° - 49°Mostly Sunny1793.1
South Kinsman Mtn (4358 ft)37° - 49°Mostly Sunny1795.6
North Kinsman Mtn (4293 ft)37° - 49°Mostly Sunny1796.5
Kinsman Pond Campsite Shelter37° - 49°Mostly Sunny1797.1
Lonesome Lake Hut36° - 44°Chance Rain Showers1799.0
NORTH WOODSTOCK, NH 0326234° - 55°Mostly Sunny1801.9
Little Haystack (4840 ft)34° - 42°Chance Rain Showers1806.6
Mt Lincoln (5089 ft)34° - 42°Chance Rain Showers1807.3
Greenleaf Hut34° - 42°Chance Rain Showers1808.3
Mt Lafayette (5249 ft)34° - 42°Chance Rain Showers1808.3
Mt Garfield (4488 ft)36° - 44°Chance Rain Showers1811.8
Garfield Ridge Campsite Shelter36° - 44°Chance Rain Showers1812.2
Galehead Hut36° - 44°Chance Rain Showers1814.9
South Twin Mtn (4902 ft)36° - 44°Chance Rain Showers1815.7
Guyot Campsite Shelter36° - 45°Chance Rain Showers1817.7
Zealand Falls Hut36° - 49°Mostly Sunny1821.9
Ethan Pond Campsite Shelter36° - 49°Mostly Sunny1826.7
Mt Webster (3910 ft)35° - 43°Chance Rain Showers1832.9
Mizpah Spring Hut35° - 43°Chance Rain Showers1836.0
Lake of the Clouds Hut34° - 40°Chance Rain Showers1840.8
Mt Washington (6288 ft)31° - 35°Chance Rain Showers1842.2
MT. WASHINGTON, NH 0358931° - 35°Chance Rain Showers1842.2
The Perch Shelter32° - 35°Chance Rain Showers1846.3
Madison Springs Hut32° - 35°Chance Rain Showers1847.8
Mt Madison (5363 ft)32° - 35°Chance Rain Showers1848.3
Wildcat Mtn Peak A (4380 ft)34° - 39°Chance Rain Showers1860.6
Carter Notch Hut34° - 39°Chance Rain Showers1861.5
Carter Dome (4832 ft)34° - 39°Chance Rain Showers1862.7
South Carter Mtn (4458 ft)34° - 39°Chance Rain Showers1864.9
Middle Carter Mtn (4600 ft)34° - 39°Chance Rain Showers1866.2
North Carter Mtn (4539 ft)34° - 39°Chance Rain Showers1866.8
Imp Campsite Shelter37° - 49°Mostly Sunny1868.7
Mt Moriah (4049 ft)37° - 49°Mostly Sunny1870.8
Rattle River Shelter33° - 55°Mostly Sunny1874.8
GORHAM, NH 0358136° - 56°Mostly Sunny1876.7
Gentian Pond Campsite Shelter34° - 53°Mostly Sunny1888.5
Carlo Col Shelter36° - 43°Chance Rain Showers1893.7
Goose Eye Mtn (3794 ft)36° - 43°Chance Rain Showers1895.9
Full Goose Shelter37° - 45°Chance Rain Showers1898.1
Mahoosic Notch (2400 ft)37° - 45°Chance Rain Showers1899.6
Mahoosic Arm (3770 ft)37° - 45°Chance Rain Showers1902.3
Speck Pond Shelter37° - 45°Chance Rain Showers1903.2
Baldpate Lean-to33° - 53°Mostly Sunny1910.1
Baldpate Mtn (3812 ft)35° - 48°Mostly Sunny1910.9
Frye Notch Lean-to35° - 48°Mostly Sunny1913.6
ANDOVER, ME 0421636° - 55°Mostly Sunny1918.1
Wyman Mtn (2945 ft)36° - 47°Mostly Sunny1922.8
Hall Mountain Lean-to36° - 47°Mostly Sunny1924.1
Old Blue Mtn (3600 ft)33° - 52°Mostly Sunny1931.0
Bemis Mtn (3580 ft)36° - 44°Chance Rain Showers1935.2
Bemis Mountain Lean-to35° - 48°Mostly Sunny1936.9
OQUOSSOC, ME 0496431° - 53°Mostly Sunny1941.5
Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to36° - 45°Chance Rain Showers1945.2
RANGELY, ME 0497032° - 53°Mostly Sunny1954.6
Piazza Rock Lean-to37° - 45°Chance Rain Showers1956.4
Saddleback Mtn (4116 ft)37° - 45°Chance Rain Showers1960.3
Poplar Ridge Lean-to37° - 43°Chance Rain Showers1965.3
Spaulding Mountain Lean-to37° - 44°Chance Rain Showers1973.3
Spaulding Mtn (3988 ft)37° - 44°Chance Rain Showers1974.1
Sugarloaf Mtn (4237 ft)37° - 45°Chance Rain Showers1976.2
Crocker Mtn North (4168 ft)36° - 42°Chance Rain Showers1980.6
STRATTON, ME 0498235° - 53°Mostly Sunny1986.8
Horns Pond Lean-tos36° - 47°Mostly Sunny1991.9
Mt Bigelow W. Peak (4150 ft)36° - 40°Chance Rain Showers1994.5
Little Bigelow Lean-to37° - 46°Chance Rain Showers2002.4
West Carry Pond Lean-to35° - 52°Mostly Sunny2009.4
Pierce Pond Lean-to36° - 53°Mostly Sunny2019.4
CARATUNK, ME 0492536° - 53°Mostly Sunny2023.4
Pleasant Pond Lean-to36° - 53°Mostly Sunny2029.1
Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to37° - 53°Mostly Sunny2038.1
Moxie Bald Lean-to38° - 47°Chance Rain Showers2042.2
Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to37° - 54°Chance Rain Showers2051.1
MONSON, ME 0446437° - 54°Chance Rain Showers2060.1
Leeman Brook Lean-to37° - 54°Chance Rain Showers2063.1
Wilson Valley Lean-to38° - 54°Chance Rain Showers2070.5
Long Pond Stream Lean-to37° - 54°Chance Rain Showers2075.2
Barren Mtn (3696 ft)38° - 46°Chance Rain Showers2078.3
Cloud Pond Lean-to38° - 46°Chance Rain Showers2079.2
Chairback Gap Lean-to38° - 49°Chance Rain Showers2086.1
Chairback Mtn (2180 ft)38° - 49°Chance Rain Showers2086.6
Carl A. Newhall Lean-to38° - 48°Chance Rain Showers2096.0
White Cap Mtn (3644 ft)38° - 48°Chance Rain Showers2101.8
Logan Brook Lean-to36° - 51°Increasing Clouds2103.2
East Branch Lean-to37° - 51°Increasing Clouds2106.8
Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to38° - 51°Increasing Clouds2114.9
Potaywadjo Spring Lean-to38° - 55°Increasing Clouds2126.3
Wadleigh Stream Lean-to38° - 54°Increasing Clouds2136.4
Rainbow Stream Lean-to38° - 53°Increasing Clouds2144.5
Hurd Brook Lean-to38° - 51°Increasing Clouds2156.0
The Birches Shelters37° - 51°Increasing Clouds2169.4
Mt Katahdin (5268 ft)37° - 46°Increasing Clouds2174.6
MILLINOCKET, ME 0446237° - 56°Chance Rain Showers2174.6

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